We offer catering as a solution for your event, as well as we have a market right beside our restaurant with only traditional groceries from Brazil



(10 units, 20z each)
Coxinha: 12.50
Shredded chicken, cream cheese, tomatoes, onions and seasoning wrapped in soft dough and deep fried.
Kibe: 12.50
Deep fried appetizer made of ground beef, wheat, onions and herbs.
Risoles: 12.5
Appetizer made of hearts of palm of palms, tomatoes, onions and seasoning wrapped in a soft dough and deep fried.

(Serves 10)
Chicken: $50.00
Served with caramelized onions
Steak: $60.00
Served with caramelized onions

House Salad: 12.00
Rice: 12.00
Brown Beans: 15.00
Farofa: 20.00


(serves 10)
Sesame Chicken Salad: 30.00
Chicken breast, wontons, red bell peppers, slivered almonds, romaine lettuce.
Caesar Salad: 30.00
Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and gourmet croutons.
Brazilian Salad: 30.00
Hearts of palm, lettuce, tomatoes, green peas, onions, shredded carrots, and shredded beets Dressing: Olive oil, lime juice and salt.
Gorgonzola Salad: 35.00
Lettuce, toasted hazelnuts, apple wood, smoked bacon and gorgonzola.

Your choice of protein cut in strips served with caramelized onions.

Beef: 45.00 (serves 6-7)
80.00 (serves 10-12)
Chicken: 40.00 (serves 6-7) 75.00 (serves 10-12)
Portobello: 40.00 (serves 6-7) 70.00 (serves 10-12)
Eggplant: 30.00 (serves 6-7) 40.00 (serves 10-12)

Your choice of protein cut in strips served with a creamy sauce with mushrooms.

beef: 45.00 (serves 6-7) 75.00 (serves 10-12)
Chicken: 40.00 (serves 6-7) 75.00 (serves 10-12)

National dish of Brazil made with black beans, 6 types of pork, 2 kinds of beef, prepared over a slow simmering fire Traditional sides of farofa, rice, autéed collard greens with garlic.

Combo 1: Tray serves 75.00 (serves 6-8)
Combo 2: Tray serves 105.00 (serves 10-12)

(desserts must be order 24 hours in advance.)

Chocolate Chip Cookies: 6.00
(per dozen)

Brigadeiro Cake: 45.00
(soft chocolate cake covered with chocolate sprinkles)

Flan: 45.00
(caramel flan, serves 10-12)

Passion Fruit Mousse: 45.00
(Mousse made with condensed milk and passion fruit. Serves 10-12)

Chocolate and Coconut Balls: 15.00
(Minimum order 20 each, 1oz balls)


(2 Liter drinks.)
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or Ice Tea: 3.00

Disposable Chafing Kit: 10.00
If you need to keep your food warm for large events or outdoor parties, this chafing kit is perfect for you. It comes with one (1) metal wire rack, one 910aluminium water pan and two (2) sternos. This kit will keep your food warm as long as the sternos are burning (around 2 hours). Please let us know if you need help with setting this kit up. WARNING: Sterno and water in the pan will get very hot. Use caution not to burn yourself and always handle with care!!!